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Demonstrate your support for a made-in-the-North solution!

Students of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) have a passion for the North and have a genuine interest in improving the health of the people and communities of Northern Ontario.

NOSM received its first donor-funded award in 2003.  By April 2006, we were celebrating the success of our initial Bursary Fund Campaign which exceeded expectations.  A great number of individuals, groups and organizations contributed to a resounding $13 million being raised in a very short time.

The financial need of students pursuing medical education is ever increasing, and support for medical students is needed for years to come.  There is no timeline for donations.  NOSM’s fundraising initiatives are ongoing to ensure that future students benefit from donors' contributions. Every year we accept 64 new students. NOSM currently has 242 students working towards their MD.  

Thank you for supporting medical students in Northern Ontario!

NOSM's Fundraising Continues

I want to demonstrate my support for this made-in-the-North solution!

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Contact our Thunder Bay Office at: 807-766-7424, or our Sudbury Office at: 705-662-7154.

You can also contact us toll-free at: 1-800-461-8777Email: advancement@nosm.ca 



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